A Day in the Life of Audrey Luo

Rise and shine! With my favourite Shrek hairband aka Bao's Theatre Mascot. Yes I call myself Bao. Hehehe...Shrek hairband was our cast present when we did our debut production North Diversion Road staged by Young & WI!D in 2007. Since then, I'll bring it to theatre and wear it during the bump in and show period as it brings smiles to people's faces, and I also want to be constantly reminded of where and how I began my acting career.

Ready to work after washing up! No time to lose...Lots of actor's homework to be done in preparation for My Mother's Chest, my first ever one woman monologue happening this Dec 1-4 at Drama Centre blackbox. (Tickets available here - www.mmdxz.weebly.com )

It has become my daily ritual and routine, I pray before leaving the house.

On the way walking to take the train, I'll normally do tongue twisters to warm up my voice. Yes...I get stares all the time, hahaha!😂

My belated birthday dim sum brunch with close theatre kaki Dwayne Lau. Ya you can find many of my nonsense #haocet instagram videos...Simply because I am a foodie! I secretly wish to be the host for a food show someday. Eh say already no longer a secret hor, opps! 😂

Cast call time at 1pm for Forum Theatre piece entitled TwentyThirty staged by DramaBox.

First time performing at Scape Gallery. This time round I play a secondary school student. That's why I love acting, it's challenging and I get to live another person's life whenever I'm involved in a new production!

Having a break in between shows. Supportive theatre friends came to watch...Time for a wefie!

What I had for dinner...Coz I love Mala and good dessert places.

I try to workout everyday. I'm into skipping lately. 1 minute non-stop high speed skipping followed by 30 seconds crunches or plank. Repeat 10 reps.

Showered, clean, ready for bed. Hugging my favourite ang-ku-kueh cushion given by Dwayne Lau as birthday present last year. Good night everybody!😘